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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) on the brown side; right? willie. it's my pleasure >> (speaking spanish.) >> so, now i'd like to
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introduce dignity 89 supervisor campos and there's no translation for this he's from guatemala. he received his law degree from harvard please welcome supervisor david campos. thank you good evening. i'm so honored to be in front of of this amazing crowd it's a good lucking crowd. i want to acknowledge a bunch of folks i see the superintendant of our schools
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) i'll be brief this evening should be about the students. but i want to say we've had some pretty incredible accomplishments as a latino community. we heard about the trust act passed in sacramento and thank you governor and absolutely and, of course, here at the local level thank you to john avalos and the entire community to worked to make sure we have no longer a relationship with immigration here 90 in san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we also have heard from ed
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lee the mayor thank you for being here because we are closing the accomplishment gap and missions schools have a wait list people trying to goat into those schools. >> (speaking spanish.) >> but before i mention i bring the students such as we've accomplished as a community we have some struggles and challenges the biggest challenge right now is people in the mission especially but throughout san francisco working people in latino are being pushed out of this place in the
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city and county of san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so i hope that as we move forward we keep the middle income people in san francisco especially our cabinet latino families (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> so i'll call some amazing young people beginning with marvin. so marvin miss diaz says he's articulate and loves to take on leadership roles from the
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classroom marvin moved here last year from honduras and he times to make his mother proud. >> (speaking spanish.) >> marvin. >> came to this country at the same age i have a law degree from harvard law school so anything is possible.
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let's give him a big round of applause. i'm going to ask you to stay here >> (speaking spanish.) >> so, now it's prey sill martinez. so she was a mission graduate participate in elementary school and now participants in the college bound ambassador. perry sill continues to give back to her community with a gpa of 3.66 in clergy. she's now on the staff at marshall extended day program which supports the future dream of being a teacher >> (speaking spanish.) >> the extended bay mission
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graduat graduates. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we're very proud of you perry sill and we hope you become a teacher and our children will be well served by you. now let me ask jose che's an inspirational young man who goes above and beyond he's got a good work ethic.
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he's on the soccer team >> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you very much jose, congratulations (clapping) now let me call the next person he's been involved in the 7 teepee she's been involved and
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remains one of the exceptional student. she's got a 3.0 g pa she's a young council mentor to young students >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) and now lastly but last but not least leann who is a 12 grader
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at the international studies camera in international studies academy she's move forward from mexico she's values her chinese culture as well as her mexican culture that's right chinese latino. she's a model student and is the model of commitment and reobsolesce she plays softball and volunteering countless hours with the red cross and mural project >> (speaking spanish.) >> so congratulations you see
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these students they're the future i'm very proud he i know with leadership like those young people our community is in good hands. >> (speaking spanish.) >> congratulations (clapping). >> thank you, supervisor campos and all folks celebrating their
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leadership. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and now we would like to welcome who's been developing and celebrating the martial arts since 1991 in the mission their at the 3231 mission street. >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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(clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping) >> thank you.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) finally we would like to move on with our program and welcome john avalos to present the remainder of our awards. we would like to mentioned that supervisor john avalos is a true kayaki chicano. >> (speaking spanish.) >>
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(clapping). >> i'm john avalos i'm in the board of supervisors representing third district third generation of mexicans.
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that's where my grand parents came from any said the names of those places. it's an honor and proij privilege to represent my community on the board of supervisors sow and to hear the stage with supervisor david coming past and also in the room is richard to share the stage with her husband is here and many, many more in the community. this is not something i've ever dreamed of doing in san francisco that i'd like be able to represent this community >> (speaking spanish.) >> my parents did not graduate
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from colleges they graduated from high school. my parents sacrificed their education to make sure that i could go on to finish high school and to go on to college and those great sacrifices i recognize. we have seen so many great leaders that have come up of the sfaisz sacrifices that parents have made. i want to call out some of the leaders (calling names) great organizations that have made incredible accomplishments lately we passed the due process for all ordinance board of supervisors that's because of the leaders of this community. today, we're honoring future leaders people who are macro
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great accomplishments in their education i want to call them up one-on-one on the stage. first (calling names) (clapping) he's a 12th grader he is was an stent day participate at marshall and it's now a part of the college came back program. he volunteered when it left marshall as a fifth grader he's currently a senior and continues to support marshall as a college bound ambassador. congratulations (clapping) okay. next i would call up an
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eight grader she demonstrates a willingness to help this is very rare to see she's a social leader. congratulations (clapping) next up i'd like to a call up the next person a 12th grader. he entered last summer at the media recently that was honored by president obama as a youth jobs and champion canal. he helped the media relevance
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team for his own generation as well as creating mark ups. he's interested in taking his technical experience into the field of health by becoming an eye doctor. congratulations (clapping) i must the next person. he's an eight grader middle school. he's not only a high chief student but gives back to the community p.i. by divorcing and provides tutoring including many language students and is a positive spirit as


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